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Summer holiday

It’s been way to long since my last post guys! I’m sorry! In February I was asked if I wanted to work 4 days instead of 3 and from that point on I’m kinda struggling with finding the time, ideas and energy. When I had those 2 days off during the week, blogging was still easy to combine. That one day that’s now left over I’m running errands, doing the washes, going to the gym, cleaning the apartment and my time is up. It’s such a pity, cause I like doing this.

Even more reason to book our summer holiday! So where do the bf and I go? Well… we’re going to do a 8 days long city trip in Barcelona. The perfect city that combines beaches and sightseeing. If you have ever been there, do not hesitate to leave some tips in the comments ;)

Date: 17 jun 2014 | Tags: OTHERS, Travel | Comments: 1

Adidas for Topshop Superstar trainers

You see them allover the internet and streets, the Stan Smith and Superstar trainers of Adidas. Shoes that give me flashbacks to the nineties. Shoes that weren’t my taste a couple of years ago, but by now I was really hesitating on whether I should or shouldn’t get a pair. Everyone seemed to buy them like crazy and I wasn’t really into getting along with the crowd (but still I really do like them).

Date: 23 mei 2014 | Tags: FASHION, Shopping | Comments: 1

Cropped Topping Sandwich

When I think of cropped tops, I think of belly buttons that are peeping out. Don’t you? It’s just such a daring but fun clothing piece that you have to think twice when you’re planning on buying one. But hey… There’s a solution ladies!

Date: 16 mei 2014 | Tags: Uncategorized | Comments: 1

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to you all! Did you all find the perfect Mothers day gift? And if so, what did you get? My gift on the other hand stays a little secret though, cause my mom and dad are on holiday in Greece and will be back on Friday. So mine will get hers next weekend, but the more time that there is left to take a visit to the parents in law ;)

Date: 11 mei 2014 | Tags: OTHERS, Personal | Comments: 0